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The top rated drugs and their effects

Drug abuse has become a global issue and is a common problem in most countries of the world. In spite of knowing the drastic effects that drugs can have on the physical and mental health of the individual, its use and misuse is on the rise. The concern of world governments regarding this issue Is growing in proportion to the growth of its manufacture and trading.
List of top 5 illegal drugs and their effects
• Heroin- It is processed from the Opium Poppy extracts and was originally created to cure people of addictions to Morphine. The moment Heroin crosses the barrier of the blood-brain it is converted into Morphine and creates a sensation of well being. The most common use is through intravenous injections. People begin using Heroin for recreation but in no time it becomes a ritual. The euphoric feeling which is described as an orgasm that is centered in the gut gives a feeling of ecstasy and a high but along with it comes the fear of becoming an addict.
• Cocaine- Obtained from the Coca plant leaves, Cocaine is an alkaloid which is both an appetite suppressant as well as a stimulant of the Central Nervous System. This drug increases energy and gives a sense of happiness and its effect can last for several hours depending on the dosage. Hyper activity, increased blood pressure and restlessness are some of the initial signs of the stimulation and it is followed by depression and feelings of discomfort with a craving of taking the drug once again. Frequent usage of cocaine can lead to impotence and paranoia.
• Meth- This drug enters the brain and is a stimulant which causes excitement and euphoria. Those who use it can become obsessed and perform tasks repeatedly. The withdrawal from it is characterized by depression, excessive sleeping and eating.
• Crack Cocaine- Also known as ‘Crack’, it became popular during the early 1980’s. The base of it is baking soda which is used more than Ammonia because of lowered toxicity and order. Its effect is comparatively shorter but there is increased energy and confidence.
• LSD- This drug is known to be a recreational one and is used to supplement different exercises for transcendence which includes meditation and illegal psychotherapy. Its effect varies amongst people depending on environment and their state of mind along with previous experiences and the strength of the dose.

Drugs are not the ‘spice’ of life

Drugs cannot be the ‘spice’ of life in fact it is not life at all. Spice is a synthetic drug which is in the market since 2006 and can be purchased conveniently on the internet or truck shops. It is becoming very popular as it is cheap and easy to obtain. Its effects are also greater and quicker than other similar drugs. There are many reports of people getting addicted to spice and not much is known about places where its treatment takes place because of it being a new drug.

Celebrities face ‘hell’ with drug overdose

When too much of a drug or poison is taken, it can lead to a highly toxic effect on the body. This can also be fatal as it can cause instant death even if the overdose of drug was accidental. Any overdose of drugs is a medical emergency which requires medical attention. The symptoms which can occur in a person who has overdosed are confusion, nausea and vomiting and in most serious cases, coma. There are many celebrities who have become a victim of drug overdose, either themselves or their family members and have thus come into the lime-light. Some have been able to overcome their addiction and emerge strong and healthy while some have succumb to it.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s story of grief

Nick Carter, a famous member of Backstreet Boys struggled for a long time with his addiction to drugs but fortunately, he was able to kick the habit and emerge, sober and strong. However, unfortunately his sister Leslie was not that lucky. She died of an overdose of prescription drugs at a young age of 25. Nick Carter skipped her funeral and in his memoir, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, he talks about the pain of losing his young sister and confesses his role in it. He feels guilty for having being a bad role model for the other kids in his family as he never took any responsibility seriously enough. His brother Aaron had to go to a rehab center in 2011 after having been caught on a photograph smoking a pipe. It was his sister who was not able to give up her addictions. She often got into trouble and because of her strained relationship with her brother Nick, she went deeper into it.
He realized that he loved her and it was after years of therapy as well as soul searching that Nick was able to come out of this addiction and forgive himself for not attending his sister’s funeral out of fear of being blamed by the family. He performed at a concert in New York just 2 days after her death and he has also confessed of having taken alcohol at the age of 2. The reason behind it was his dysfunctional family coupled with the temptations and pressures of fame.

Julia Roberts attacked publicly by half sister

Famous actress Julia Roberts had a very complex relationship with her half sister Nancy Motes who was found dead in a bath-tub from drug overdose apparently. The actress had tried to get her to go to a rehab months before she died but Nancy refused and would lash out publicly at Julia in retaliation. Though it hurt Julia, she understood her sister’s battle against addiction as it made Nancy a totally different person. Her efforts to get her into a rehab were always in vain as Nancy would back out at the last moment for no reason.
She succumbed to her addiction and her death was a blow to Julia even though it was reported that Nancy had left a suicide note in which she had blamed Julia for all her problems and addiction.